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My name is Marie and my husband is Adrian and together (with the help of our 3 sons) we run Newchurch Poultry, we are a small family run business. Our sons are the 4th generation of the family to be chicken breeders/keepers. And all of them have bred and hatched their own pure breed chickens.

We have been selling chickens on the island for 22 years now. We sell Hybrid chickens which until 3 years ago we brought in as day old chicks. But as it became more apparent how important vaccinations were for the hybrids, we now only buy them in FULLY vaccinated. The full course of vaccines takes 16 weeks in total. So any hybrids brought before that age will not have been vaccinated. A copy of their vaccination programme is available to see on our 'Advice page' and 'Our Birds' page. These chickens include  Columbian Blacktails, Bluebelles, Rhode Rocks, Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, Speckledys, Leghorns, Copper Stars,  Emerald Sapphires and Russet Blues. We usually have Amber Stars too but due to a breeding issue with the  genetics they will not be available for the foreseeable future.

We have in the past also bred our own pure breed chickens at certain times of the year. These include:- Large Fowl - Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Copper black marans, Gold Brahmas, Cuckoo marans, Welsummers, Black Minorcans, Buff opringtons and Gold laced Orpingtons. and Bantams - Light Sussex, Welsummers, White, black-tailed Japanese, mottled black, mottled blue, blue, lavender and black pekins. Due to our current situation we are not breeding pure breeds this year. But we are able to recommend fellow breeders if we cannot meet your pure breed needs.

We buy all our poultry from very reputable breeders on the mainland. Some of whom sell chickens across the UK and Europe.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. and we are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers (currently over 65%) and referrals (25%) We work very hard to maintain our good reputation. The well being of our poultry is paramount and we strive to produce and sell healthy, happy birds.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and aim to deliver you the best service on the Island.

We offer a complete back up service and are always answering calls to customers with questions. We feel it is beneficial to offer this service, as we all need someone to refer to from time to time. And I would rather people asked us than struggle with their poultry. We usually welcome all our customers to come to our home and look at the birds in their homes. We want to be able to show you how well cared for they. And how healthy they are. We believe that you should never buy a bird without having seen it first. But due to Covid 19 and bird flu risks(and strict bio-hazard rules) we are temporarily unable to offer this. And birds need to be ordered for collection.

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Poultry home = Havenstreet


We are open seven days a week - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!!!!

Please ring to make an appointment. We cannot have customers turning up with out appointments.