Newchurch Poultry

Suppliers of Hybrid and Pure breed Poultry


Please us the link below for all info on the vaccinations that our birds receive. Please note that although we vaccinate against the most virile strains, it is impossible to vaccinate for every strain of every disease.

We are always happy to give poultry advice over the phone or in person. We know that inevitably at some point most people come across something new or just have a concern that they want to talk about. Please feel free to ask us. We are also happy to show you how to do practical things like wing clipping. If you do not feel brave enough to do it yourself you can bring the bird back and we will do it for you. If you dont know - ask!


Last year we started to offer our home service. This has actually proved very popular. And we have found ourselves in some very beautiful areas of the Isle of Wight.

Are you knew to chicken keeping? Have you lost chickens to the fox? Do you want someone to come and advise you on how secure your chicken housing is? Well now we can help! We are offering to come to you, look at your garden, your chicken pen, your nest boxes. We can advise you on what size pen is best, how to make it secure. What changes you should make to your current housing.

So many people buy their chickens without looking for the possible problems they may have.

We have customers return to us after buying chickens that have lost them to the fox/badger within a week of buying them from us. Now we dont mind selling you more chickens but it seems silly to sell them to you just to feed the fox.. Wild animals are persistant and we cannot gurantee that you wont get a fox attack even after a visit. from us. But we do have alot of tricks and security measures that we are happy to share with you. Everybodys pens are different, everyones gardens are differnt and the areas you live in are all different but wild animals are all the same. We can give you pointers on where to make changes and how to hopefully prevent attacks.

If you just want advice on what type of chickens to buy or if you want to know if your garden is suitable for chickens or how many chickens for the size of your pen then we can help!

No questions are too silly. We are happy to pay a visit to you and put your mind at ease.

If you think you would like us to arrange a visit please get in touch using our contact us page.

Price is available on application.