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“The level of service at Newchurch Poultry is fantastic. Having been a repeat customer for many years, I am always impressed by them. I have brought many chickens from them and am always very happy with them. It was so good to know you were at the end of the phone when we first started. Thank you!”

P. Lancaster

“ We have only moved to the Island recently and we have brought poultry from a couple of other island suppliers but one such purchase resulted in the loss of all of the new birds and some of our exisitng stock. Newchurch Poultry was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service was good, the condition of the birds was great and follow up advice was handy too. All birds now laying(hoorah) and looking fantastic . Keep up the good work! We will be back”


" Our third trip back to Newchurch Poultry. And alot has changed since we brought our first birds from you. Old buildings are gone, new ones going up. Hardly recognised the place. But one thing hasnt changed......Marie you and your family were as friendly and welcoming to us just as you were the first time we came to you. You listened to what we wanted, gave us advice and showed us all the birds you had in stock. And even when we decided not to buy that day as we were undecided on what we wanted you continued to offer advice., even though you knew it was likely we wouldnt be back as we had mentioned looking at other hybrid sellers. It was your honesty and warm hospitality that brought us back to you for our chickens the following week and you were exactly right on the advice you gave us. ' Lolly' was most definitely the strongest personality in the group and even stood her ground with our black orpington back home. Thanks again for all your help.


Having never brought chickens from you before I was unsure when I arrived if I would be buying that day. You showed me all your hybrids and some of your sons pure breeds and you werent afraid of any questions. We were happy with what we saw but I was after something that you also didnt have. So I went away to think about things. I was so surprised when I got back home to find I already had a message from you. A lovely message offering the name and phone number of not one but two island breeders of the chickens I was after. You were honest and gave me a wealth of info on the breeders and advised I went to see both their birds. We did. Beautiful and just what i wanted. You didnt have to offer me that advice, especially as you knew it would lose you a sale. But you did it anyway and I am so grateful. Thats why we came back to you the day we collected our new hens(see I listened to your advice about introducing new hens together) and picked up 2 of your sons pure black marans and 2 columbian hybrids as well. I cannot tell you how grateful i was for your honesty and kindness.

A. A Jackson