Newchurch Poultry

Suppliers of Hybrid and Pure breed Poultry


Poorly chickens

Anyone who sells and keeps livestock will know that sadly sometimes they have a poorly animal. And although all our birds are treated, vaccinated and wormed regularly, sometimes they can get poorly, just like you or I.

We take pride in the wellbeing of our flock and are vigilant for checking for illness but occasionally we can miss something. With my hand on my heart I can say that this has only happened a couple of times. In these cases the customers were asked to return the birds immediately and we put them into our quarantine pen for medical treatment. If you are not happy with your chicken or think there is a problem please tell us immediately. If you buy a chicken from us and it becomes ill in the first week, then we will happily exchange it for you and treat it straight away and quarantine and treat it until well again. Or make the decision to euthanise, only if necessary.

Dead Chickens

If something really awful happens and you find one dies within the first week, then we will of course replace it but we ask that you return the body to us.(if there are any signs of mis-treatment, starvation or injury, then we will not replace) I know that may sound awful but we have had someone try it on before and after a fox attack tried to claim our birds had all died.

We are honest people and ask that you be the same.

We have in our time had 4 dead birds returned one due to hen pecking (its friends turned on it and killed it) This is un-common but does happen, it was no-ones fault but we were happy to deal with it and happily exchanged it on this occasion, the other died of no apparent cause and no others ever showed any signs of going the same way. Another strange but true story Birds have been known to die through stress of travel and new homes but it is not common occurrence and to our knowledge none of ours have ever done so.