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All poultry pictures on this website are of our actual birds and as such are governed by copyright laws.

Our birds are fully vaccinated with a designated programme of vaccinations given between 1 day old and 16 weeks. Please click on the link below for all vaccination info.


This is Mrs Bluebelle. She is a slate grey colour with some chest browning. The Bluebelle is a hybrid chicken bred using a Copper Blue Maran and a Rhode Island Red. When in full lay should lay upward of 280 eggs per year. Her eggs will be brown in colour.


This is a Columbian Blacktail. She is one of the more traditional looking Hybrids. She is bred using a Rhode Island Red, hence her deep red/brown colouring. A very popular hybrid. She has the capacity to lay in exess of 300 eggs per year. her eggs will be cream in colour.


The lovely Mrs Speckledy is a very attractive bird whos speckled colouring comes in all manner of shades. She is bred using a barred plymouth rock and a Rhode Island red., Although some generations have also used a cuckou maran in the breeding. Most speckledys lay a cream/brown coloured egg which sometimes is slightly speckled and occasionally brown. The speckledy will lay over 280 eggs per year.


The Silver Sussex is very similar in lloks to its pur ebred counterparts. It has a predominently black body and silver/white neck and chest feathering. The amount of light colour feathers varies from one individual to another. She will lay around 280 eggs per year, her eggs are more of a cream colour.

Light Sussex Hybrid

The light sussex hybrid is again very similar in looks to its Pure bred counterpart. ALthough very often the black neck feathering is not as prominent. She is a freindly little bird who will lay around 280 eggs per year, her eggs are a cream colour.

Leghorn Hybrid (white star)

This beautiful petit little bird is fondly refferred to as a little ballerina. She is smaller than most other hybridsw and has a smaller appetite. But her egg will still be a standard size. She is pure white in colour and like the leghorn pure breeds she develops a large red comb which in time will characteristically flop to one side. They are really beautiful birds. She will lay a pure white egg approximately 320 eggs per year. 


The Copper Star is a Hybrid based on the French Copper Black Maran. It has been bred to produce a deep chocolate brown egg. it also has vast laying capablities and will lay a good 290+ eggs per year. This bird is always in great demand but sadly in short supply. There are similar hybrids on the market but none that lay as well or produce the colour of egg that this bird does.


The Amber Star is another very pretty bird. The Amber Star is a fantastic chicken. She is a Rhode Island Red based Hybrid chicken. Amber Star's have a very placid nature and make ideal pet chickens. The Amber Star is ana amzing layer too and lays upto around 320 eggs per year. Her eggs are a soft cream colour.

Rhode Rock (also sold as Black Rock, Black Rhode, Black star, Miss pepperpot along with several others)

Rhode Rocks are bred from a Rhode Island Cockerel and a Barred Plymouth Rock Female. The Rhode Rock is the first true hybrid that was created (other than the original Battery type). She is a really good hen laying around 290 - 300 cream/brown eggs per year. Rhode Rocks really are a stunning bird with gold necks and an iridescent green shine on their backs when the sunlights catches it. They are very hardy and placid and idea for all types of chicken keepers.


Russet Blue

This lovely little bird was only added to our collection last year.

She can be a mixture of colours the base of which is white. She may have flecks of dark grey, black and even some chestnut featherings. They are very pretty dainty birds. Who should lay a blue, green egg. Not all of them will lay the coloured egg but 90% of them will. They are also more likely to be a tail less bird

The russet blue lays large numbers of a blue coloured egg. Virtually all these birds should lay blue eggs. These medium/large hens are friendly and lively individualists by nature and will tend to do their own thing within a flock.